FileSender: more than 10 years of secure delivery of your largest files

Marc Gérard

Content Developer @ Belnet
Mon, 02/21/2022 - 16:42

When we talk about web applications for sending very large files, it is not uncommon to think directly of WeTransfer. However, we recommend the utmost vigilance when using this type of tool. Our FileSender service provides a secure alternative.

For example, in the case of the free version of WeTransfer, even though the files are encrypted when uploaded, they are no longer encrypted when hosted on WeTransfer servers abroad.

For 12 years now, Belnet has offered the FileSender application free of charge to members of the Belnet R&E Federation. This service has been especially designed to meet the needs of higher education institutions, research centres and universities. In addition to a very high sending volume (100 files at the same time with a total of 5 TB per transfer), FileSender offers additional guarantees in terms of security.

Servers located in Belgium

You can be sure that your data will not be kept or used for commercial purposes or stored on a server located abroad. The servers are owned and managed by Belnet in accordance with the highest standards. Once sent, your file will remain available to your recipient for 7 days (by default, but you can choose a period between 1 and 60 days) before being deleted. This deletion will be final.

Encryption of your data

Encryption is an additional layer which ensures the security and privacy of your files. This methodology makes your files indecipherable for all the people who are not directly concerned with the sending. At Belnet we use an end-to-end AES-GCM encryption with a limit of 2 GB per file.

It is up to you to communicate the password (preferably by phone) to your recipients so that they can securely read the contents of your encrypted file. In order to optimise the encryption, we recommend that you follow the tips available on the FileSender platform or refer to our FAQ page.

A relationship of trust

As a federal organisation, Belnet maintains an essentially neutral position in order to provide greater security and privacy for your data. Moreover, we are your privileged partner in order to support you during your most voluminous shipments. .

Belnet FedSender, the file sending tool adapted to the needs of federal public services

Are you a federal service, a member of the FedMAN community or the GCloud? Belnet offers you the FedSender service, a file sending tool very similar to the FileSender, especially in terms of security. If you wish to learn more about the specifics of the Belnet FedSender, please visit the Belnet FedSender FAQ page.

Do not hesitate to contact us via our Service Desk ( or to consult our FileSender FAQ page to answer all your questions.

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