Advanced DDoS Security

A cutting edge flexible and intelligent Out of Path solution

A flexible and intelligent anti-DDoS solution that combines an internal scrubbing center placed on the Belnet backbone and an external scrubbing center in the Cloud.

Is your organisation looking for effective, flexible and intelligent anti-DDoS "insurance"? Do you want to protect your internet bandwidth to limit the potential damage caused by volumetric attacks?

With Advanced DDoS Security, you can enjoy a three-tiered protection structure (L3 and L4) combining a scrubbing center located on the Belnet backbone, automated firewall filtering in the Belnet routers and an external scrubbing center in the cloud.

Out of Path architecture

Thanks to its Out of Path architecture, traffic is only redirected to the internal scrubbing center if the destination of this traffic is the target of an attack. In the absence of an attack, traffic is routed normally to its destination without passing through the internal scrubbing center. This limits the number of false positives and unwanted packet loss.


Customised price

The price is calculated according to your bandwidth and the number of prefixes you want to protect.

Continuous monitoring

The detection of attacks is guaranteed by the continuous monitoring of traffic flows. A full report is sent for each attack.

Automatic attack alert

You automatically receive an email notification that mitigation is in progress.

High availability

Advanced DDoS Security is implemented in such a way as to ensure very high availability and not allow a Single Point of Failure.

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