Non-higher education

Belnet makes its network and services available from primary to adult education

Primary schools, secondary schools and adult and part-time arts education institutions can also connect to the Belnet network, which is known for its performance, security and stability. 

They can also take advantage of a wide range of services. Ranging from web domain registration, identity management services, cloud services and, of course, eduroam, which ensures that students can securely use Wi-Fi at all member institutions using their home institution login credentials.

"As an information technology and communication training centre, Technocité really needs telecommunications resources. "We work across 3 different sites spaced over 10 km apart. We needed a cost-effective solution to make the remote aspect of the 3 networks transparent to users and thus access all services, no matter where they were located. Only Belnet could offer us a solution which was simple, cost-effective, high-performance and secure, meeting our needs to the full."

Richard Roucour, Assistant Manager @ Technocité

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