Internship or student job

Looking for an internship at Belnet?

Are new internships are updated as soon as new opportunities arise. You may also send your internship proposal spontaneously via the button below.

Are you interested in an internship in a friendly organisation where you can work on projects that focus on your inquisitiveness and personality? An exciting internship that opens the doors to an employer where the work-life balance is paramount, with attractive conditions and training opportunities? Then look no further, for Belnet offers quality internships where you will be part of an engine for scientific and social progress.

Entry-level job contract

Is your internship an enjoyable experience for both you and our team? Then your story at Belnet might not end on your last day of internship ... Why?

If you meet the requirements, we can offer you an entry-level job contract  that runs until your 26th birthday. Here, we do not look at the number of years of experience on the counter, but at your enthusiasm and motivation to get stuck in! Afterwards, you can, of course, apply for one of our permanent positions. Or you can take a look at the vacancies and apply to join the Belnet family directly.

What you should know about an internship at Belnet:

  • The internship must be approved by your school or university.
  • The internship is not remunerated.
  • All higher education students (Bachelors, Masters) can be accepted, but a large proportion of the internships are only open to final-year students.
  • Send us your internship application at least 1 month before the start of your internship. This enables us to properly organise your internship.
  • The internships are open to Belgian students or residents of an EEA Member State and Switzerland.
  • Travel costs by public transport between the place of residence and the internship site in Belgium are reimbursed.
  • There's a very enthusiastic group of colleagues who can't wait to meet you. Not only to guide you on the job, but also to integrate you into the Belnet family as a proper colleague.

How do I apply for an internship at Belnet?

Ready for this challenge? Fantastic. Apply using the button on the right. Please note that this form is the only way to apply for an internship.

Any questions? We are here to answer them. Don't hesitate to contact us.

How do I apply for a student job at Belnet?

We are currently still looking for a number of technical profiles to strengthen our Belnet teams during the month of July.

Interested in a student job in the telecommunications sector, where a sense of initiative is highly appreciated? Send us your CV using our job contact form.


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