Federal Public Services (FPS & PPS)

FedMAN and FedWAN: the pillars of government IT infrastructure

Belnet manages FedMAN (Federal Metropolitan Area Network), the network that connects the various federal public services (FPS) in Brussels to each other and to the Internet, and this, in broadband. In addition, Belnet also provides WAN services (Wide Area Network) that interconnect the head office and the regional offices. Finally, federal public services can also purchase security solutions such as Advanced DDoS Security, DNS Security and the e-mail security service BAMS. Our economies of scale enable them to realize significant savings while improving the quality of service for their end users.

“As we look after all WAN connections with Belnet, we know for sure that interconnection between all our sites is assured. Monitoring and continuity of service is guaranteed by Belnet. It's a great advantage to be able to discuss our WAN connectivity with a single partner. In addition, Belnet's approach reduces the complexity of what we do, which allows us to focus on our core business.”

Werner Ramaekers, ICT manager at NIRAS.

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