Management committee

Belnet has a management body to which the general management reports. The members of the management committee are appointed by ministerial order.

The management committee is composed of :

Members with voting rights :

  • The Director
  • The head of one of the following scientific establishments, or his permanent delegate, designated by the Minister: Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium, Royal Observatory of Belgium.
  • Two members of the staff of the Services or their alternates, including at least one general civil servant, appointed by the Secretary General
  • External members - who are not and have not been members of the staff of Belnet or the Services - appointed by the Minister

Their term of office is four years and is renewable. They are chosen on the basis of their management experience. They may not take up a mandate if they have passed the age of 65.

Members in an advisory capacity :

  • The Inspector of Finance accredited to the Minister, in charge of Belnet files
  • The accountant of the separately managed state service
  • The secretary of the commission

Management Committee 2020-2024

President of the management committee

  • An Bergs, Staff director P&O, Belspo

External members of the management committee

  • Karin Doguet, General Manager Solvay Lifelong Learning, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
  • Laurent Vrijdaghs, Managing Director, Building Agency
  • Daniel Gellens, General Director, Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium

Members Belspo

  • Alain Heynen, Director Budget & Management Control

Members FPS Policy & Support

  • Lieven Dejaegher, Inspector General of Finance

Members Belnet

  • Dirk Haex, General director a.i.
  • Marianne Jacques, Accountant
  • Katrien Bolle, Secretary
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