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Published on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 14:08

When the coronavirus measures were first initiated, Belnet made a simple videoconferencing platform available to its community. The solution allows the community to securely meet and work together online. In the meantime, many users have found their ways to our Jitsi platform. We have noticed that dozens of meetings, both face-to-face as well as large groups, are taking place simultaneously on a regular basis.

Jitsi is a user-friendly and secure alternative to popular videoconferencing solutions such as Zoom. It is an open-source solution that guarantees end-to-end encryption of your communication. Recently, Belnet has hosted a Jitsi server in one of its data centers for the purpose of supporting its community while it works together online and/or provides distance learning during the corona crisis. No registration is required, so there is no need to create an account.

We recommend working with Chrome or Firefox or using the app on your smartphone (available for both Android and iOS devices).

Important functionalities

  • High-quality rendering of video streams
  • Optimal display of the active speaker and of the participants
  • Chat function
  • Screen sharing
  • Raise-hand function
  • Mute / unmute
  • Meeting room can be locked with a password

Just as for other Belnet services, all privacy and security aspects have been taken into account during the implementation.

Given our community’s enormous interest in and appreciation for the platform, Belnet is investigating the possibility of permanently offering this solution in the future, with additional functionalities and support.

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