FileSender usage on the rise

Davina Luyten

Communications Officer @ Belnet
Thu, 03/23/2023 - 10:50

FileSender is a simple and secure tool for quickly sending large files of up to 5 TB, which students, researchers and employees of organisations that are part of the Belnet R&E Federation can use free of charge. User figures show that FileSender is one of the top services in our range. In fact, nearly 1 million files were downloaded via FileSender last year.

Send large files securely and quickly

FileSender enables you to transfer large files incredibly rapidly, whether they contain research data, video files or 3D images. The big advantage over commercial tools is the security aspect: files never leave the Belnet network and are not archived. You can also decide to encrypt files. FileSender is therefore the ideal solution for sending large files in complete security.

The tool is very easy to use. After logging in with your institution's login details, you can send up to 100 files at a time to an unlimited number of recipients. You decide how long your files remain available, or receive a notification if the files are downloaded.

If you would like others who aren’t members of the Belnet R&E Federation to be able to use the tool, send them a voucher.

Nearly 1 million files downloaded

The success of FileSender is reflected in the user figures:

  • In 2022, 73 organisations in our community used FileSender. Many of our affiliated academic universities and universities of applied sciences rightly promote the tool as a secure alternative to commercial solutions.
  • Last year, 622,260 files were uploaded through the tool, more than double the number in 2020 and 31% more than in 2021.
  • Since one file can be downloaded by multiple recipients, the number of downloaded files is even higher. Our users downloaded a total of 978,436 files via FileSender: 83% more than in 2020, and 38% more than in 2021.
  • The total volume also grew, as you’d expect: 371 TB of files were transferred via FileSender last year. That’s enough for an incredible 18,750 hours (1) of 4K video. In 2021, this figure was 322 TB, while in 2020 it was 'only' 232 TB.

FileSender has therefore enjoyed solid growth in recent years. There’s no better evidence that the app has become indispensable for our R&E customers and their end users.

(1) calculation based on a video in 4K, with compression H.264 and 30 frames per second

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