BNIX network

BNIX, the Belgian National Internet eXchange managed by Belnet

Since 1995, thanks to Belnet, the BNIX network (Belgian National Internet eXchange) allows a better exchange of data between sixty interconnected members.

Set up by Belnet in 1995, the BNIX network enables internet service providers (ISPs), content providers, hosting companies and large private companies to exchange data.

The BNIX platform, an interconnection serving international members

This point of interconnection significantly improves the quality of local transmissions by establishing faster, more direct, less congested and less expensive connections between the parties. More than sixty companies and organizations are currently connected via BNIX, including renowned Belgian and international companies in Internet services, domain name management and private companies such as banks and B2B companies.

This platform, which provides interconnection between IP networks of participating organizations, enables them to gain efficiency, reliability and cost reduction.

BNIX provides various other value-added services such as basic connection, interconnection, IPv6, Multicast, BNIX route server.

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