Towards a more reliable and efficient application services platform

Published on Thu, 06/25/2020 - 14:46

Belnet is enhancing its infrastructure to improve the level of availability of its services and applications.

Our "Services" team is currently working alongside our "Networks" team on a project that will improve the resilience of various services, especially the Belnet Storage service.

Thanks to the use of a third datacenter and an overhaul of the "inter-datacenter" networks topology currently in use, we will easily evolve towards a more efficient services platform.

For Belnet, this project involves substantial investments, including the purchase of new switches, routers and servers, as well as the rental of additional space in a third data centre.

The team in charge of the project has already finalised the choice of topology and tested it in the laboratory. The project is currently in its purchase phase, and we will keep you informed of its progress throughout the following phases.

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