Take part in the Cyber ​​Security Coalition campaign and clean up your data!

Published on Tue, 06/16/2020 - 16:34

You would be surprised how many personal data you keep on different devices and in various apps as part of your work. With its latest campaign, the Cyber ​​Security Coalition wants to encourage everyone to do a big data clean-up.

Why this campaign?

Data protection is the responsibility of your company or organization. However, you can also make a significant contribution as an employee. By correctly dealing with personal data, you protect others and help your organization preserve its good reputation. Treat the personal data of others as you would want your own data to be treated.

Free campaign material

The Cyber ​​Security Coalition (CSC) recently launched a campaign to encourage employees to do a big clean-up of the personal data they store in a professional context. Belnet, as a member of the CSC, has made an active contribution to the realization of this campaign.

The campaign consists of an animation video, a leaflet and email signature. The material is available in Dutch, French and English and can be downloaded free of charge from the CSC website.

 Image of a computer screen being cleaned with a window wiper

Take part in the campaign!

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