Survey about Belnet events: results

Sandra Castaño

Marketing & Communication @ Belnet
Fri, 04/17/2020 - 12:18

Early March we contacted all Belnet customers to find out more about their events interests and preferences. The survey was a great success!

Barely a few moments after we sent out the survey, we started receiving the first answers. Arriving at more than forty in a single afternoon! We thank you very much for your collaboration.

The greatest participation was registered in the communities higher education and public services.

More than 70% of the respondents communicated that they had already participated in an event organized by Belnet.

3 events that attract you the most

The events which interest the majority of respondents are the information sessions, followed by the Belnet User Day and the Community Forums (concerning the latter, we will return shortly to those who have expressed their interest for the organization of the 1st edition dedicated to security).

Themes and issues that interest you

We asked you to choose between 4 themes: network (infrastructure), security, cloud and data management. Even if the results are fairly tight, the theme of preference for 4 of our Communities (Higher Education, FedMAN & FedWAN, Hospitals, Research) is the network. Respondents from the Public Services Community prefer the topic of security.

For each of these themes, many of you communicated to us what were the problems encountered. We will take into account each of them and try to answer them during our events or in a contact with Belnet collaborators.

Are you interested in webinars?

The answer is yes! You are almost 80% to have expressed an interest in webinars, mainly in the form of video or podcast. We will therefore also consider this medium to offer you more content concerning our products and services.

Belnet participation on your events

Some of you have found it useful to see Belnet collaborators on your events as experts, speakers or as participants. We have taken into account the references you have given us.

Are you thinking of an event in which Belnet should participate as an expert, speaker or participant? Do not hesitate to let us know!
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