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Rosy Pauwels

Marketing @ Belnet
Tue, 01/25/2022 - 09:09
MFA forms a key component of a strong identity and access management (IAM) policy and helps to significantly reduce the risk of you or your organisation becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Why is MFA more secure than a password alone?

Think of multi-factor authentication (MFA) as an additional layer of security for your online accounts. The first thing you do is enter your username and password. You will then be asked to enter a 6 to 8-digit temporary access code (also known as a "time-based one-time password" or TOTP). You can obtain that number, which changes every few seconds, through an authenticator app that you must install on your smartphone. Only after you enter that code will you be able to access your account. To be able to log into your account, a hacker would not only need to know your username and password, but would also need to have physical access to your smartphone and your authenticator app. MFA is not only secure, but it is also a fast way to log in: a username, password and temporary access code are enough to be logged in quickly and securely.

Belnet and MFA

Belnet provides the option to log in using MFA for all services that make use of the Belnet Personal Login. More specifically, this concerns the Belnet Portal and the DDoS Dashboard and when managing the Domain Name Registration, Belnet Storage, eduroam, govroam, guestroam and eduGAIN services. As MFA helps to ensure that user details and the associated access to applications and company data are protected more effectively, we strongly recommend that you activate MFA. Should you wish, you can still deactivate MFA later. Two short videos lasting less than one minute show you how you can easily activate and deactivate MFA for services that make use of the Belnet Personal Login.

More information about MFA can be found on the technical FAQ pages of the corresponding Belnet services.

Activate MFA today and help protect your organisation against data breaches resulting from stolen user details or, worse, against intrusions into the critical systems of your organisation.

Be sure to check out our videos!
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