Framework agreement about network equipment: there’s still time to register your interest!

Marc Gérard

Content Developer @ Belnet
Mon, 03/23/2020 - 11:29

A few months ago, we presented to you a framework agreement relating to the maintenance and purchase of Ciena, Juniper, Nokia and F5 fibre optic and IP equipment for the Belnet community.

If you are one of the thirty institutions to have registered your interest, you should know that the specifications have been drafted and passed on to the regulatory authorities. Once they have been approved by the Council of Ministers, we will publish the contract notice on a European level.

Aiming for the start of 2021

As our objective is to offer you the best value for money on the market, we have decided on a competitive procedure with negotiation. This method will enable us to deliver the best conditions for all the organisations interested in this framework agreement. We hope to be able to offer you these new contracts from the start of 2021.

You still have time to register your interest

In the meantime, if you have not already done so, you can still register your interest by sending us your contact details within your organisation. To take part, we will ask you to sign a cooperation agreement and to provide us with a detailed inventory of your needs. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity which will help you make significant savings.

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