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Marc Gérard

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Tue, 01/26/2021 - 16:57

Thanks to the launch of the OCRE Cloud Framework & Catalogue project, GÉANT is favouring the research sector in Europe by facilitating access to a large selection of commercial Cloud services. The complete offer will be available on 29 January. 

The OCRE project (Open Clouds for Research Environments) coordinated by GÉANT has just announced the awarding of 473 OCRE IaaS + framework agreements. This news is a great boost for the R&E community from 40 European countries which will benefit from simplified and secure access to a wide range of commercial Cloud platforms and services. 

OCRE Project Director David Heyns (GÉANT) tells us more: "I am really excited by the opportunities this framework provides for the institutes, the NRENs, the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), and the successful suppliers of these services. We look forward to showcasing the tremendous benefits that consumable commercial cloud-based services bring to the research and education community in Europe in terms of agility, flexibility and vastly improved outcomes."

“The service portfolio covers even more services than the previous GÉANT Cloud Framework”

Dr Jakob Tendel - OCRE NREN Liaison and Rollout Coordinator

Also, for Dr Jakob Tendel (OCRE NREN Liaison and Rollout Coordinator), this project is advantageous for several reasons: "OCRE offloads a large amount of cloud procurement work and increases community trust for NRENs and their institutions across Europe by delivering legally solid framework contracts. The service portfolio covers even more services than the previous GÉANT Cloud Framework, from do-it-all hyperscale offerings to more custom services, European and overseas providers, and supporting a wide range of data protection compliance requirements." 

OCRE Cloud Framework & Catalogue offers genuine support to cutting-edge research. Thanks to the use of new funding solutions, it allows research institutions to easily take advantage of personalised digital solutions and benefit from reductions on large volumes. In short, a very advantageous project that we are happy to make available to our R&E community.

Browse the complete catalogue for Belgium from 29 January

With the catalogue we offer, you have access to more detailed information for each platform available in Belgium, as well as the contact details you will be able to use to request a quote. 

The complete offer is not yet available but on 29 January all the suppliers will be activated. For Belgium, Bechtle (Azure and Ionos), SoftwareONE (IBM), Sparkle (GCP), Rackspace (AWS) and Blue Safespring (OIP) in particular are part of a rich offering of 8 platforms and 11 suppliers.

We will be organising a webinar in the middle of February to provide more details of the many opportunities offered by the OCRE Cloud Framework & Catalogue project. While waiting to be able to communicate a specific date to you, we invite you to browse the catalogue as of 29 January.

Find out about the available platforms and suppliers 

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