Belnet takes a leading role in the EOSC Focus project

Lagneau Laetitia

Team Manager Marketing and Communication @ Belnet
Mon, 06/27/2022 - 11:55

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is a large programme that aims to give the European Union a leading role in research data management and to ensure that European scientists benefit from all the advantages of data-driven science.

As a reminder, Belnet has been appointed in 2020 as the mandated organisation for Belgium within the EOSC association. Read article

With its involvement in EOSC Focus Belnet concretises and deepens its commitment to Open Science by ensuring that it benefits the institutions connected to its network.
EOSC Focus will support EOSC in its mission to make Open Science the new standard and to achieve the objectives described in the collaboration agreement between the European Union and EOSC.

Within the EOSC Focus project, Belnet will collaborate with eight other European members and contribute to increasing the availability, accessibility and re-use of data. The project will make research results more accessible and facilitate the transformation of scientific results into practical innovations for the benefit of the public.

Six work packages make up the EOSC Focus project. Belnet will be active in three of them: 

  • Stakeholder engagement and management (WP 2)
  • Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for EOSC update and technical development (WP 3)
  • Communication, dissemination and events (WP 6)

Belnet's involvement will have a direct impact on the universities and research centres that are part of its community. Indeed, thanks to the EOSC Focus project, Belnet is an integral part of the EOSC ecosystem and is therefore in the best position to inform Belgian institutions about European developments within EOSC and to guide them in their digital transition to open science.  Belnet can, together with its R&E community, leave its mark on the developments within EOSC and optimise its service offering according to the needs of Belgian researchers and research groups and in co-creation with them.

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