Belnet DDoS Mitigation offers your organisation tailored protection against DDoS attacks

Published on Fri, 10/16/2020 - 11:35

The purpose of DoS or DDoS attacks is to disable your website, server or network. In particular, organisations with a critical IT infrastructure are often victims, such as banks, Internet service providers or hospitals. DDoS attacks have increased steadily in frequency in recent years. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing our schools, work and social life onto the Internet, they have increased considerably in number and scale. In Q1 2020, there were almost twice as many DDoS attacks compared to Q1 2019.

What is a DoS or DDoS attack?

DoS stands for Denial of Service. It is a tactic to ensure that part of your network infrastructure is overloaded and can no longer fulfil its normal task. For example, if your web server is overloaded, your website will no longer be available for visitors.

If your infrastructure is being attacked by unwanted traffic, not just from a single point but from thousands to hundreds of thousands of points at the same time, this is called a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. Due to the range of traffic, the source of the attack is more difficult to detect and disable.

How can you protect your organisation from DDoS attacks?

Thanks to the Belnet DDoS Mitigation service, you will have a strategy for filtering network traffic to reduce the impact of DDoS attacks. A “scrubbing centre” analyses and filters your Internet traffic to detect and prevent volumetric and L3-L4 attacks. In short, a quick and simple solution that can ensure the continuity of your internal and external activities.

As a customer, you will have a choice between 3 protection formulas: Basic, Tuned and Advanced.

Why choose Belnet DDoS Mitigation?

  • Traffic is analysed 24/7, so that immediate action can be taken in the event of an attack, without extra latency due to rerouting.
  • You pay a fixed amount regardless of the number of attacks, the protected bandwidth or the size of your subnet(s).
  • Because the application is located in the Cloud, you do not need to invest in additional hardware or in its maintenance.

Hasselt University, a satisfied customer of Belnet DDoS Mitigation

The serious impact that some DDoS attacks have had on companies (such as the attack against GitHub with 1.3 TB/s traffic) prompted Hasselt University to proactively protect its own infrastructure against such attacks in 2018. “Because we were already familiar with the Belnet platform and the pricing for this service was very attractive, the choice of Belnet DDoS Mitigation was quickly made,” says Andres Henckens – Specialist IT Officer at the Central IT Service.

“Belnet helped us from day one with the implementation of the service: they analysed our network and defined the actions to be taken. We view the professionalism and easy accessibility of Belnet's staff as a huge plus. In short, we are very satisfied with Belnet's anti-DDoS solution, we don't have much maintenance to do on it ourselves and we receive a monthly report,” concludes Andres Henckens.

Are you interested in Belnet DDoS Mitigation and would you like to discover which protection formula best suits your organisation?

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