govroam, connect to other government institutions

govroam is a service that allows employees of public institutions to surf safely and wirelessly to other affiliated public administrative offices in Belgium.

govroam, easy connection between administrative offices

Do your organisation's employees need to visit the sites of other Belgian administrative offices or public services? Would you like these exchanges of information to remain secure?
The govroam service offers your users simple and secure access to your own wireless network as well as the wireless networks of other participating public institutions.

Simplified access management

govroam lets the employees of your public institution have a wireless connection to the network of affiliated institutions, a benefit for their mobility. Your network administrator retains all the accounts and controls access to your WiFi network. He has control over the people active on your network.

An employee of a provincial administration office goes for a meeting in a federal public service, thanks to govroam, he will be able to connect, using his username and password, to the wireless network of the institution he is visiting to surf as he pleases

govroam, increasing cooperation without major investment

Increased mobility

Wireless access to the internet, simple and secure, even from other administrative offices and public services

Easy registration

A single account for your users and visitors, which facilitates your administration

Your own management of user accounts and access rights

You maintain control of your users' data and you determine the access privileges for your network

Service accessible from the Netherlands

Wireless access to the internet in Dutch administrative offices that use govroam. 

Video : Take a look at the advantages of govroam

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