Internet connectivity

Internet Connectivity, the internet and reliable research networks

Through its Internet Connectivity service, Belnet provides Belgian public services and research and higher education institutions fast, reliable access to the internet and research networks

Would you like your organisation to be able to access Belgian and international internet and research networks? Do you want your "multi-device" users to be able to benefit from connection availability and speed? 

The Belnet network is a very powerful hybrid with IP and optical connections that reach speeds from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps and their multiples.

A network that ensures maximum availability and flexibility

Technology must be at the service of users. That's why Belnet has built its network to ensure maximum availability and flexibility.

Accessing the Belnet network is the starting point to take advantage of all Belnet's other services.

The benefits of the Belnet Internet Connectivity solution

Guaranteed and symmetrical bandwidth

You have sufficient and identical upload and download capacity

Transparency and reliability

No data type is limited and connectivity is guaranteed by network redundancy

Flexibility and modularity

You choose the services, capacity and options that best meet your needs

Internet Connectivity, your customised solution

To connect to our network you can use a leased line provided by our Belnet Leased Line service. Once connected, you will benefit from the Belnet network's connectivity. Research and educational institutions also have access to the Géant research network. 

You will automatically receive an IPv6 address range. IPv4 addresses are also assigned to you. You can then choose the bandwidth speed that will let you access the commercial internet.



Success Story

"Our users want the internet all the time and everywhere, preferably quickly and on several devices. In addition, they want to be able to connect quickly, at any location on the campus. There are times when more than 100 devices are connected to a single Wi-Fi access point. So we need to have a high performing network. Belnet provides within its network sufficient capacity to guarantee internet and search bandwidth and does not limit the amount of data exchanged."

Filip Reyns, ICT Manager, UHASSELT

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