Belnet DDoS Mitigation (end: 30/06/2023)*

Belnet DDoS Mitigation, your security against DDoS attacks

The Belnet DDoS Mitigation solution provides Belgian administrative offices and research and higher education institutions with a tailored response to denial of service attack threats. 3 levels of DDoS protection are offered.

Belnet DDoS Mitigation, 3 options for custom functions

Have you been a victim of a denial of service attack? Do you want to prevent your bandwidth from becoming overloaded and your business activities affected?

The Belnet DDoS Mitigation solution provides customised settings for security against denial of service threats and attacks. You can choose three options (Basic, Tuned & Advanced) in our Belnet DDoS Mitigation service. This ensures that you can set up settings optimised for your infrastructure.

The DDoS Dashboard and Reporting platform

In addition to DDoS Mitigation, the DDoS Dashboard and Reporting platform is available to measure the impact of attacks and better understand their cause.

Thanks to various graphs and curves, you can now monitor your network activity in near real time. In the event of an attack, the platform will allow you to better visualise and take the necessary measures to eliminate the problem as soon as possible.

In addition, the DDoS Dashboard and Reporting allows you to examine the situation of your network during a given period in the past. For the selected period, you have an overview of the total number of packets sent, the IP addresses and ports attacked and the geographical origin of the attacks.

Secure access via MFA

Access to the Dashboard and Reporting platform is secured by Multifactor Authentication. In addition to your username and password, you must enter a one-time password (TOTP) received through your authentication application.

Three different levels of mitigation


Unlimited protection, which covers all these DoS vectors. The base settings cannot be changed


The protection provided by the Basic version plus the possibility of adapting the service to the characteristics of your internet traffic


Lets you configure other DoS not available in the preceding formulas

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* The service is end of life and will be replaced by the new Advanced DDoS Security solution from June 30

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