Belnet Networking Conference 2016



mar, 25/10/2016 - 09:00

Belnet vous invite à sa Belnet Networking Conference annuelle, un évènement à ne pas manquer pour toutes les organisations connectées à notre réseau de recherche. Vous pouvez vous attendre à une combinaison de présentations de keynotes internationaux et nationaux, d’intéressants projets de clients et divers moments de networking. Le cloud computing, la « blockchain technology » et l’intelligence artificielle, … sont quelques-un des nombreux thèmes qui seront abordés. Dans l’après-midi, vous pourrez participer à nos sessions interactives où vous aurez l’occasion de rencontrer les experts de Belnet et d’échanger des idées avec les autres participants sur d’intéressants sujets IT. Nous clôturerons la conférence de cette année avec une animation qui va très certainement retenir votre attention. Voici un petit aperçu : voir la vidéo.


Welcome breakfast

Welcome to BNC 2016

Jan Torreele, Belnet

Stairway to the Cloud, getting there step-by-step

Mario Vandaele, Belnet

Research Computing in a time of disruption: Trends, highlights and new ways of innovating

Brendan Bouffler, Amazon Web Services

Coffee break

Making the Most of Machine Intelligence

Nell Watson, Singularity University

Why is Blockchain here to stay

Karel Dekyvere, Microsoft


Grid Computing at the IIHE

Romain Rougny, ULB & UA

Hosting of IT services & private cloud for research and education institutions in DRCongo

Muliri Mirindi, Cedesurk

Coffee break & interactive sessions

During the coffee break you will have the opportunity to participate to interactives sessions (duration of a session: 15 minutes). You can choose one, maximum two sessions, from the sessions below :

Session A: Real-life use cases with cloud compute service

Erik De Neve, Nicolas Loriau, Mario Vandaele - Belnet

During this session we will show you how to use the web interface to create and configure a virtual machine manually. In the spirit of DevOps we will also demonstrate how you can use configuration automation tools (e.g. Ansible) to have a fully customized application deployed in 5 minutes.

Session B: Future needs of the Belnet customer

Pieter Hanssens, Stefan Gulinck - Belnet

In this session, Belnet will go into an open conversation with it’s customers to discuss emerging, network-related technologies. We are interested in hearing your suggestions and have some of our own :
- The need for higher bandwidth (Are you foreseeing bandwidths greater than 10Gbps in your networks? Are you (thinking about) implementing Quality of Service on your networks?)
- The need for more flexibility (How flexible will your network needs be in the future? What about: Bandwidth-on-Demand, Circuit-on-Demand, Firewall-on-Demand?
- Belnet connectivity (What are the “big spenders” of your bandwidth? Would you foresee higher requirements in connectivity to (cloud)-services like: Office 365 / Azure, Amazon Web Services, Adobe products,...)

Session C: Are you looking for a DDoS Mitigation solution?

G. Pappas - Belnet

More and more customers have experienced a loss of service due to a (Distributed) Denial of Service attack. For these kinds of attacks the question is not If you will be attacked, but When. This is an open Q&A session destined to listen to your needs, experiences but also to advise you on possible solutions What can you do to protect yourself? How would you like to protect yourself? What kind of protection are you looking for?

Belnet and BrENIAC – High Performance Network for High Performance Computing

Herman Moons & Jan Ooghe, KULeuven

ScienceMAN3, a digital story about the Belgian Federal Scientific Institutions

Chris De Loof, Belgian Science Policy Office

Drones animation


Results of the contest



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