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Published on Tue, 10/25/2022 - 11:23

Your URL shortener,, has recently been updated. New features and a redesigned platform are now available so that R&E community members can securely create and manage all their shortened URLs in no time.

How can you reduce the size of your URLs with a few clicks? is an easy-to-use application developed by Belnet for the research and education community and members of the Belnet R&E Federation. Connect to the platform, copy the long URL, customise your shortcut and you're done!

This is a very easy way to obtain an ideally resized URL for your social media posts, websites and more.

A new platform and many new features

Thanks to the new and completely revamped platform, managing your URLs has never been easier. You can edit, delete or determine the validity of your old and new URLs by completing the Not valid before/Not valid after boxes.


Also, if you or your organisation has already created a very large number of shortened URLs, there is a dynamic search to help you find them quickly. You can also select the list of all the URLs generated by you or by all users in your organisation.

To edit your URL, a limit of 30 characters is available for writing your shortcut. If you do not want to customise your shortened URL, it will be generated automatically by clicking on 'Submit URL'.

Lastly, a 'reporting' function is also available via this link: [your shortened URL]. This way you can easily see how many people have clicked on a particular URL.

Enhanced security

The personal data stored on the platform is not stored for commercial purposes. Moreover, does not track visitors to the links as is often the case with other free applications on the Internet.

In addition, an extra feature allows you to control the redirection of the link (by adding '+' to the end of the shortened URL), which offers extra protection for your recipients.

In summary, respects the privacy of its users as it does with the other services of the Belnet R&E Federation.

A service of the Belnet R&E Federation

This application is part of the catalogue of services available to all members of the Belnet R&E Federation. Like with FileSender, EduGAIN and, a unique login and password suffice.

If your organisation is a member of the Belnet R&E Federation, we invite you to (re)discover for free

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