Precise synchronisation of clocks

Via Network Time Protocol (NTP) you can synchronise the time on the PCs, servers and other equipment on your campus network on the basis of a precise reference time. For this you will need to use Belnet's NTP server which receives this reference time which itself is ‘shared between GPS satellites.

Your benefits

  • Fast access
    The NTP server for clock synchronisation is on our own network. So you have faster access to the exact reference time for all your equipment.
  • Better synchronisation
    Through this faster access you can synchronise all your internal clocks better and more easily.
  • For everyone
    The NTP server is available to connected organisations and the general public. So not only can you synchronise all the equipment on your campus, but also on any home-based PCs.

Set your clocks to the same time

You can use the belnet NTP servers: or  

More information is available by mail or on 02 790 33 00.