Internet Connectivity

Fast and reliable access to the Internet and to research networks

Do you want to give your organisation access to the Internet and to the Belgian and international research networks? Then a Belnet network connection is the solution for you. The Belnet network is an extremely powerful hybrid network with an IP layer and an optical layer. The optical layer links the network's 27 Points of Presence (PoP).

The connectivity that Belnet offers, to the Internet as well as to the research networks, has high bandwidth. Belnet only makes this connectivity available to specific target groups. The type of connectivity rate depends on the target group to which you belong. You may request our tariff card via

You will need an access circuit for you connection to the Belnet network. The access circuit arrives at an access port (router) of a Point of Presence. The access circuit is always a 'transparent Ethernet' type. The standard connection is based on IPv4 technology. On request we can activate this connection with IPv4 as well as with IPv6. Of course you can also choose for an extra connection based on IPv6 only.

Your benefits

  • High speed
    Belnet offers fast connections, with speeds ranging from of 100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s. An increase in bandwidth is also possible at any time.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
    Belnet provides enough capacity on its network to guarantee your Internet and research bandwidth. There is no limit to the amount of data you exchange.
  • Symmetrical bandwidth
    Belnet delivers the same bandwidth for upload and download.
  • Transparency
    Belnet does not filter or limit any kind of traffic on its network.
  • Liability
    The redundancy architecture of our infrastructure guarantees your connectivity.
  • Worldwide collaboration
    Your organisation is on (inter)national research networks with other research and educational institutions. Unlimited data exchange on the network stimulates your research and educational activities. This powerful network also promotes collaboration between government services.
  • Useful options and services
    Belnet offers you far more than just a basic connection. Our standard package includes a whole range of other services. In addition, we offer different options, such as a backup connection.

Go for a fast and reliable connection

Mail us or call 02 790 33 00. Discuss the different connection options with our specialists.