Your reference archive for digital files

Our software archive is one of the major reference archives with free and open source software for ICT students and professionals. The archive is on a mirror server which automatically collects the most recent software and updates from organisations and developers. It is accessible via HTTP and FTP (File Transfer Protocol, a protocol for the direct transfer of files between two computers in a network).

Your benefits

  • Always the latest version
    Because the archive is a mirror server, the latest software is always available.
  • Fully accessible
    Connected organisations, as well as the general public, have access to the free and open source software in this archive.
  • Speed
    The software archive is on a server in the Belnet network; so you can download and consult the available files extremely quickly.
  • Also via IPv6
    The server with the software archive is also available via IPv6. So you can use the archive to test IPv6.

Consult the software archive

Go to or

More information is available via mail or by calling 02 790 33 00.