DNS Service

For easy Internet access

Domain Name Servers or DNS are essential for your organisation's access to the Internet. Belnet manages both secondary and recursive domain name nervers.

Primary and secondary Domain Name Servers

With a primary name server, your name is known on the Internet. A secondary name server is a back-up of this primary server. You find the same data on the secondary server as on the primary name server. Belnet will configure the secondary server for you.

Your benefits

  • Dependability
    With a secondary server as a back-up, your domain name remains available outside the campus network if there is a problem with your primary server.
  • No extra costs
    Belnet implements your secondary name server at no extra cost.
  • Convenience
    You don't need to install or configure your secondary name server.

Recursive name servers

Every computer which requests a domain name uses a recursive server. The Recursive Name Server 'interrogates' individual name servers in order to convert the requested domain name into an IP address. Belnet offers three recursive servers, to guarantee redundancy. These recursive servers are available to all organisations connected to our network.

Your benefits

  • No extra costs
    Your organisation uses the recursive server(s) at no extra cost.

Ensure your Internet access

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More technical information is available on the support part of our portal.