Instant messaging

Efficient communication in real time

With instant messaging you are ahead of the game. You can exchange ideas, get instant answers to your questions, even give fast feedback, all in real time. The Belnet Jabber server makes these communications possible, it is available to everyone including the general public.

Your benefits

  • Compatible
    This is a public service and is compatible with other services and applications for instant messaging such as MSN and Yahoo!
  • Decentralised
    Jabber has millions of users worldwide. There are tens of thousands of Jabber servers. The Belnet Jabber server is the only one in Belgium. It communicates over the Internet with all the other Jabber servers in the world.
  • Secure
    Communications between your colleagues is secure since the Jabber server is in our own Belnet environment.

Start instant messaging

Mail us or call 02 790 33 00.
More information is on the Jabber server.