Domain Name Registration

Centralised and simplified domain name management

With Belnet, you can register your own domain name online for a very reasonable price. As a and EURid agent, we can offer both '.be' and '.eu' domain names. We can deliver the domain name extensions ‘.net’, ‘.org’, ‘.info’, ‘.com’ and more, such as ‘.nl’ and ‘.fr’. This offer applies only to organisations connected to the Belnet network.

Increase the security of your DNS system in the Domain Name Registration interface: activate DNSSEC yourself

DNSSEC is an extension of DNS that helps protect the Internet against various attacks (such as DNS cache poisoning used for phishing). DNSSEC guarantees the integrity of domain name data. DNSSEC is presently available for some domain names such as ‘.org’, ‘.se’,…DNSSEC is also available for the domain name '.be'
and this since September 2010.


Your benefits

  • Secure management
    You manage your domain names using an interface. Security is guaranteed, since only the person authorised by you can access the Web tool. Moreover, you can activate DNSSEC in the interface yourself.
  • Centralised management
    Your organisation registers its domain names itself, and does not have to use third parties.
  • Simplified management
    The new interface gives you more options for better management. Your domain names and DNS registrations can be managed more simply and effectively.
  • A whole variety of domain names
    With Domain Name Registration, you can register a whole variety of domain names. The full list will be available from 2017.
  • Avantageous rates
    Our rates for registering domain names are tailored to your budget.

Register your domain names

If you do not yet have Domain Name Registration, apply to BelnetWe will send you a contract, which you must return to us duly signed. You can then use the service.

For further information on Domain Name Registration, the contract and rates, click here. Or discover more information about it on our portal within the "Support" item: Domain Name Registration (be sure to be logged in).