Domain Name Registration

Multiple domain names available

With Belnet, you can register your own domain name online for a very reasonable price. As a and EURid agent, we can offer both '.be' and '.eu' domain names. We can deliver the domain name extensions ‘.net’, ‘.org’, ‘.info’, ‘.com’ and more, such as ‘.nl’ and ‘.fr’. This offer applies only to organisations connected to the Belnet network.


Your benefits

  • Secure management
    You control your own domain names using a web tool. Their security is guaranteed because only people you authorise have access to the tool.
  • Centralised management
    Your organisation registers its own domain names without having to call on a third party.
  • Economical price
    The rates for registering domain names are very budget friendly.

Increased DNS security with DNSSEC

DNSSEC is an extension of DNS that helps protect the Internet against various attacks (such as DNS cache poisoning used for phishing). DNSSEC guarantees the integrity of domain name data. DNSSEC is presently available for some domain names such as ‘.org’, ‘.se’,…DNSSEC is also available for the domain name '.be' and this since September 2010.

Register your domain names

Send your request to Belnet. We will send you a contract to sign and return. Then you can use the service.
You will find more information about domain name registration, our rates and the agreement here.