Belnet Storage

Secure storage space for your data

Is your organisation looking for secure storage for its data? Then the ‘Belnet Storage’ service is the ideal solution for you. ‘Belnet Storage’ is a hosting solution in a private cloud configuration. With this solution, you save your data on virtual disks and you receive access of ‘block’ or ‘file’-type.

Thanks to the Belnet network, the service has a redundant configuration in a Belnet data centre located in Belgium. This assures you high availability, as well as simple and secure access to your virtual disks. As your organisation and our data centres are located in the Belnet network, you do not need an extra connection between your organisation and the data centres. All of your uploads and downloads take place directly over the secure Belnet network.

Based on your organisation's technical requirements and specifications, we will work with you to find the best solution. The minimum available storage capacity is 1 TB, and this can be increased by 1 TB, depending on your organisation's needs. For extra redundancy, you can order a double set-up at a second Belnet data centre. Or if you are a heavy user of streaming media, we can further optimise the performance of the disks. A web interface allows you to manage and change your volumes according to your needs.

Your benefits

  • Security
    The reliable and secure Belnet network is ideal for a private cloud set-up. Belnet is a neutral partner, and thanks to its secure network, you can store your sensitive data with confidence.
  • Flexibility
    You can easily adapt the ‘Belnet Storage’ configuration to your organisation's needs. You can add extra disks or increase your storage capacity. If necessary, you can even decrease the storage capacity. Thus the service changes in function of your needs, and you pay per year only for what you need.
  • User friendliness
    Thanks to a simple web interface, which you access via your Belnet Personal Login, you can easily monitor your usage and adapt the capacity to your requirements.
  • Performance
    All of your uploads and downloads take place directly over the secure Belnet network. As you can imagine, this helps optimise your resources.
  • Support
    Our technical experts are ready to answer your questions and to provide you with support.
  • High availability
    The service makes use of a redundant set-up at a speed of 10 Gbit/s in two secure and physically separate Belnet data centres. This gives the service high availability and allows us to guarantee high quality. The service is also managed from a ‘Service Operation Center’ that proactively monitors operations around the clock. And it allows us to ensure that the service is always optimum, even outside working hours.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    1. The right price: as neutral partner, during the development of the service Belnet has opted for the best price-quality ratio.
    2. Redundancy without additional costs: Belnet is assuming the costs for a redundant set-up. For each functional TB that you purchase, Belnet implements a TB for redundancy.
    3. No extra cost for using the network: you pay only for use of the virtual disks. You do not pay for your incoming and outgoing data traffic, nor for incoming and outgoing traffic between the Belnet network and the internet. This traffic in fact is already covered by your annual fee. Thanks to ‘Belnet Storage’, you save up to 80% on the additional costs that other cloud solutions available on the market charge for using the network.
    In short, our hosting solution allows you to save substantially.

    For more information on the service, contact our Customer Relations Team by mail or by phone at 02 790 33 00.