Belnet Leased Line

Trouble free connectivity

For connectivity to Belnet and the Internet, you need a connection. Belnet can search for the optimum leased line for your organisation to an access port to the Belnet network. Have a look at the advantages for your organisation:


  • Technical expertise
    Belnet has experience in implementing complex technical solutions ( such as secure and redundant connections) and in choosing products based on price and quality.
  • Efficient approach
    Belnet is your sole point of contact, and takes responsibility for all the steps including invoicing, support and maintenance.
  • Quality guaranteed
    Thanks to the quality of the service, simple implementation and high availability, the Belnet Leased Line is the ideal solution for existing and future services.
  • Cost saving
    To order a leased line from a telecoms operator, multiple steps must be taken. Choosing a Belnet Leased Line reduces these steps, and lowers your organisation's costs.

Request a Belnet Leased Line

Mail or call 02 790 33 00. Our team would be happy to discuss your request with you.