Belnet Cloud Connect – MS AZURE


Your direct and private access to Microsoft Azure

With Belnet Cloud Connect (MS Azure), Belnet offers research and education organisations as well as government departments the ability to connect to MS Azure via a private, dedicated and secured connection.
Would your organisation like to take full advantage of all the services offered by Microsoft Azure? 

Belnet offers fast access to MS Azure without going through the commercial internet. 

Belnet Cloud Connect (MS Azure), for a safer connection to MS Azure.

With Belnet Cloud Connect you have a private, redundant line which enables you to carry out peering between your infrastructure and MS Azure without going through the commercial internet and therefore avoiding the performance fluctuations that can sometimes be experienced. Due to this private connection, your data’s confidentiality is guaranteed during transfer between your LAN and MS Azure.

Did you know:

An agreement has been reached between Microsoft and GÉANT, enabling the NRENs connected to GÉANT to use ExpressRoute to access MS Azure. By means of this standard Belnet Cloud Connect is going to enable you to take full advantage of Microsoft Azure. 

In addition, the agreement ensures special rates for the NRENs connected to GÉANT. Don’t hesitate to check out our prices available on our service forms, by visiting our Belnet Portal.

Multiple reasons to choose Belnet Cloud Connect (MS Azure):

Less expensive and more efficientAs a Belnet customer you won’t have to invest in an additional connection. You can opt for a bandwidth of between 100 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s. 

Secured and reliable: Belnet Cloud Connect (MS Azure) is redundant by default. With guaranteed confidentiality for your data which is not transferred on the commercial internet.  

Flexibility and support: Belnet is your sole point of contact (SPOC) and provides its expertise and advice to help you install your Belnet Cloud Connect in the best way possible.

Did you know:
Why choose ExpressRoute rather than IPsec?

Could using IPsec instead of ExpressRoute to connect to MS Azure be a good idea? Please realise that IPsec will require you to go through the commercial internet with the disadvantages that this involves in terms of cost and confidentiality. Also, in regard to performance, ExpressRoute is less restricted and will enable you to opt for a bandwidth of up to 1 Gbit/s.

As a research and education organisation or government department, boost the speed of data exchanges between your LAN and MS Azure through Belnet Cloud Connect. 

Visit our Belnet Portal for further technical details or contact us for any questions on our Belnet Cloud Connect – MS Azure solution.