Belnet Cloud Computing

Whether you are a research and education institution or a public body with Belnet Cloud Computing, you can increase your capacity, your infrastructure, platforms and applications as you see fit, through secure, personalised outsourcing.

Organise your tasks according to your needs

With Belnet Cloud Computing, outsource your tasks hosted in datacenters on the Belnet network. Then, you will easily be able to organise and manage your tasks via the "user" interfaces we provide.
Tasks are available for applications (websites, databases, monitoring, middleware, your own applications, etc.) within your organisation for use in the short or long term, depending on your needs. We offer an infrastructure based on OpenStack, in our datacenters, on the network managed by Belnet.

Combine Belnet Cloud Computing with our storage solution

A Cloud solution may hide another one. Combine Belnet Cloud Computing with our Belnet Cloud Storage solution to deploy a file sharing application or store a large amount of data on servers placed in the Cloud.

For further information on Belnet Cloud Storage and how to combine it with Belnet Cloud Computing, e-mail or call your Account Manager: or 02 790 33 00


Cost management: Maintenance and IT management are minimised (typical outsourcing). You retain a great deal of control over your costs and you only pay for what you consume.
Flexibility and freedom: With the interface we provide, you can easily adapt to changes in your organisation, and indeed your IT infrastructure.
Trust and reliability: You can directly access your Cloud infrastructure using Belnet's stable, secure and reliable network. Your virtual machine is isolated from other tasks, protected by a firewall you can configure. This keeps your data confidential.
Quick and easy: With our API, you can access the system via a user-friendly interface. Help yourself to your tasks using the control panel: simple and effective. With our API, you can access the system via your own interface.
Very low-cost: You only pay for what you consume and there are no additional costs.

Offering all of these benefits, Belnet Cloud Computing is an extremely green solution. Would you like to profit from the multitude of benefits available with "Belnet Cloud Computing"? And receive our price list?

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