Backup Connectivity

Always connected to Belnet

Your organisation's critical applications must remain operational under all circumstances. This is why we recommend backup connectivity. This service ensures that you remain connected to national and international research networks and the Internet, even if there is a failure in your main connection. For this backup connection, you need an extra access circuit to an access port or a Point of Presence on the Belnet network. We strongly recommend that you chose a Point of Presence other than the one your main connection uses. This ensures higher redundancy and dependability for the critical applications in your network.

Your benefits

  • Maximum availability
    Thanks to a second connection to the Belnet network, your critical applications and users remain connected to the research network and the Internet even if there are problems with your main connection.
  • Minimal risk
    The risk of connection failures are kept to a minimum.
  • Cost saving
    Your organisation is spared the costs which arise when the connection fails due, for example, to a failure on your main connection. With the backup connection, your essential ICT infrastructure still remains available and your users can always carry on working. In addition, this backup connection is available at a reasonable price.
  • Efficient and fast switching
    In consultation with you, Belnet looks after a faultless failover configuration. In the event of a failure in the main connection, no manual intervention is required to switch over to the backup connection. The technology automatically provides an extremely rapid switchover.
  • Tailor-made options
    Together we'll examine which scenario is most suitable to your needs. We will happily advise you about the ways in which you can incorporate redundancy into your network infrastructure.

Ask about dependability

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Technical information is available on our support site (only accessible to Belnet customers).