Fast connectivity and extra services

Belnet offers specific target groups extremely fast access to national and international research networks and to the Internet. Our core target group is the educational and research sector. With bandwidths of 100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s, the powerful Belnet network meets this group's demands for greater speed.

The standard package

In addition to connectivity, Belnet automatically delivers a number of other services for which you do not need to pay. Together, they comprise Belnet's standard package.

Extensions of the standard package

Belnet Plus: Services that offer you more convenience and increase the security or dependability of your connection. PLUS services include back-up connectivity and vulnerability scanner.

Communities: Under this name we offer services which promote collaboration with other research institutions or make it easier, such as eduroam and videoconferencing.

Other extensions: You can always extend your standard package with services from both Belnet PLUS and COMMUNITIES. Some services are payable, others are at no extra cost.


The type of connectivity rate depends on the target group to which you belong. You may request our tariff card via
Research and educational institutions
Governmental services and administrations
Are not paying for
  • Upload to the Internet and to research networks
  • Downloading from research networks
  • Download from the Belnet network
  • Uploading to the Belnet network, to the Internet and to research networks
Are paying for
  • Download from the Internet
  • Download from the Internet and from research networks
Research departments of private companies and international organisations can connect to the Belnet network but they only get access to the national and/or international research networks.

Technical requirements

You will find more information about the technical requirements for connection to the Belnet network at Standard services – Connectivity.
You will find the Service Level Description of our services on our support site (only accessible to customers).
Ask for more information by mail