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Présentation de nos deux nouveaux Account Managers

In 2017, Belnet welcomed a large number of new employees, in particular in our CR team. Our Account Managers received reinforcements from two new colleagues. We would like to introduce you to Niels Deriemaecker and Tharcisse Mulumba, the two Account Managers who recently joined the team of Frédéric Libotte and Robin Andrianne.

Our team of Account Managers: Tharcisse, Frédéric, Niels and Robin

Frédéric Libotte, you act as a mentor within the CR team. Can you give us a word of explanation about the reason for the recruitment of the new colleagues ?
My colleague Yves Baert, who mainly dealt with the commercial monitoring of hospitals, administrations and federal scientific institutions (ScienceMAN), left our team in January 2017 to take up a new position within Belnet. It was therefore necessary to replace him.

Has your way of working changed since the arrival of Tharcisse and Niels ?
Because of the departure of Yves, my colleague Robin and I had to temporarely take over his client portfolio, which meant a lot of extra work. With the arrival of Niels in May 2017, and later the arrival of Tharcisse, we can once again focus on our "original" customers, namely the R&E institutions.

Frédéric Libotte and Robin Andrianne

Will there be more customer visits now that there are more Account Managers ?
Our goal is not quantitative but qualitative. We want to ensure the professional and efficient follow-up of all the questions and specific needs the organisations have that are connected to our network. More than ever, they can count on a 'dedicated' contact person within Belnet  !

Niels, can you introduce yourself ?
My name is Niels Deriemaecker, I am 31 years old and originating from West-Flanders. Since recently, I live in the beautiful Belzele in East-Flanders. I studied criminology in Ghent (bachelor / master) and afterwards a year of management in Leuven. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, trail running, brewing beer and walking. 

For which organisations and customers are you responsible ?
I mainly provide the follow-up of all Dutch-speaking administrations and also a few bilingual administrations that are not linked to the FedMAN / FedWAN project. Since the beginning of this year, I have also included all federal scientific institutions participating in the ScienceMAN project to my client portfolio.

What do you pary attention to when you visit a customer ?
During a customer visit, we want to ensure that the customer has the feeling that he can always contact us with his questions and needs. We want to show that Belnet is a real partner that co-operates with its customers to provide an answer to their questions and specific needs. it is also important to be professional and not to lose sight of the human aspect.

According to you, what makes Belnet different from other suppliers ?
We focus primarily on the qualitative aspect of our services. We co-operate with our existing customers in an innovative way to develop new services that are tailored to their needs. Belnet can only offer its services to certain types of organisations: research, education and administrations. We offer clear expertise for this specific target group.

Niels Deriemaecker and Tharcisse Mulumba

Tharcisse, can you also introduce yourself briefly ?
My name is Tharcisse Mulumba. I have been working for Belnet as an Account Manager since the 1st of December 2017. Previously I have worked in the private sector and more specifically in the distribution. For 6 years, my team and I were responsible for the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. We ensured that the customers were referred to the right services and products, and gave them tailor-made advice. My job at Belnet is very similar, but for a different type of customer and with other services and products. I have been warmly welcomed at Belnet and my integration into the organisation is running smoothly. I am very grateful to my colleagues for that!

For which customers and users of Belnet do you take care of the daily follow-up ?
I am responsible for the French-speaking administrations and the French-speaking R&E hospitals. Later, I will also take care of the follow-up of the French-speaking FedMAN customers. 

In which projects at our clients are you active and what are your objectives ?
A number of my customers have been affected by the closure of our Point of Presence (PoP) in Charleroi, which is being hosted in the Ingretec data center. I take care of them during the move of the PoP so that the continuity of our service is ensured. For other customers, I am involved in their requests for Belnet Leased Lines (BLL) or upgrades to a higher bandwidth. This year, my goals is to improve my knowledge of my customers, their history and needs, to build a relationship of trust with them and to help them to get services adapted to their needs. 

Which Belnet services do you recommend in particular ?
In terms of security, I recommend DDoS Mitigation, Antispam Pro and Digital Certificates Service. Govroam is also an excellent service for governments and administrations.