UPDATE - Make your employees aware of the processing of personal data

Get started with the cybersecurity kit

In the battle against cybercrime, sensitization remains an imoportant point of attention. To help organisations get started more easily and save time, the Cyber Security Coalition provides a useful awareness package. Belnet is one of the partners in this coalition and encourages you to get started with this package.

New theme available

In addition to the package, the cybersecurity kit was recently expanded with a section on data protection. In the context of the European privacy order GDPR, it is also important to make your internal employees aware of the processing of personal data of your end-users. The cybersecurity kit can help you on your way.

Next to the addition of this new topic, the package also contains material on three other themes: strong passwords, recognising phishing e-mails and protecting yourself against social engineering. Each kit contains a number of useful tools, such as a poster / screen saver, e-mail and PowerPoint presentation. Furthermore, there are also sample e-mails to bring management and employees on board and a road book / schedule that can help you organise your campaign.

The package is available in Dutch, French and English and can be downloaded here.