UPDATE - FileSender

The migration to the new version of FileSender will take place on the 30th of August

As we already announced, we will migrate to the new version of the FileSender service. This migration will take place on Thursday, 30th of August 30th.

What impact on your sharing files application:

- From 30th of August, all files still on the old platform will be lost. This is why we invite you to take the necessary precautions to avoid any inconvenience during this migration.

- The service won’t be available during the migration period, so we advise you not to use this service on August 30th for 24 hours (from 30th of August 00h01 to 30th of August 23h59).

Don’t hesitate to inform your end-users to ensure a smooth transition. Once the migration is complete you can resume your file exchange activities via the usual address: https://filesender.belnet.be/.

"When SIZE does metter": A new FileSender version with extended advantages

After the migration, you and your end-users will be able to fully benefit from the expanded possibilities of the FileSender new version. Discover below all advantages of this new version:

Upload until 100 files for a sending of 200 GB

Upload multiple files up to 200GB for a single upload. This limitation can still evolve if necessary on request. 

A new and more ergonomic interface 

More simple and more ergonomic than the previous one, this new platform will allow you to easily control all your sendings in a few clicks. 

An more flexible control over the files sent to your recipients. 

Keep control on all your sending. Receive notifications and determine the validity of transfer links for sent files. Finally, modify and manage your recipients with ease. 

Encrypt your files for more security 

You can encrypt your files to improve the security. You can communicate the password to your recipients and they can read the file.

Send your files to recipents outside the federation 

Via a voucher to upload files, your recipient can easily send you or even share files with people of his choice thanks to the uploading link in the voucher email. 

We hope this migration will run easily for you. For more informations about FileSender, please contact our Belnet Servicedesk via email (servicedesk@belnet.be) or phone: 02 790 33 00.