UPDATE - Cyber-security: briefing pack

Passwords, phishing, social engineering, start your briefing campaign
  • 38% of Belnet clients have already been faced with a security incident
  • 29% organise a briefing campaign with its employees at least once a year
  • 39% are actively searching for information on the subject of briefing and training

Briefing remains an important element in the fight against cyber-crime. This is the conclusion of the recent survey conducted by Belnet with its clients concerning IT security.

The survey showed that 38% of the institutions polled have already been faced with a security incident. The true figures are undoubtedly higher, as numerous incidents occur without anyone commenting on them. When questioned on the origin of these incidents, the great majority of respondents believes that random attacks and human errors are probably their main cause. The importance of briefing is acknowledged, but only slightly less than one third of organisations polled state that they organise briefing training courses for their employees

In order to support the organisations, while at the same time gaining time for them, a briefing pack has been compiled by the Cyber Security Coalition - a body that has grown from a collaboration between the private, public and academic sectors. As a member of this coalition, Belnet wishes to encourage its clients to use this briefing pack.

This tool contains equipment related to three topics: passwords, phishing and social engineering. Each kit is composed of a series of devices such as display, e-mail and presentation. It also contains examples of e-mails intended to rally management and employees, as well as a roadmap and a schedule intended to support the institutions in setting up their campaign.

The pack is available in French and in Dutch and can be downloaded here.