SURVEY - Long Term Preservation

Let us know the needs of your organisation


Most institutions are working with a huge amount of data. It is important to preserve this data for a long time as some of this data is considered as heritage. That's why it might be interesting to look further than a normal storage solution. A platform to preserve (digitized) data for the (very) long time with regards to confidentiality, integrity and availability might be an interesting solution.
Belnet is investigating the possibility to work on such a platform, together with external partners. The platform would be comparable to the "Glacier" service of Amazon. We decided to launch a survey to investigate the interest of your organisation.
The survey can be filled in by clicking HERE. Letting us know what you need from us, will only take 5 minutes. We decided to launch the survey in English - if you have any questions when filling in the survey, please don't hesitate to contact us.
The data provided by you will be treated with utmost care and are for internal use only. If you would like to know more about how we process data, please click here.