Return on 2017

Our top 10 articles from 2017

Dear partners, as is customary at New Year, it's worth looking back to remind you of the high points of the year. Once more, in 2017, many of you read our monthly newsletter. As well as our publications on social networks, 10 newsletters were sent, each one including an article that particularly caught your attention. We therefore decided to let you know our 'top 10' of 2017’s most popular articles.

These news stories, which we invite you to (re)discover, attest to the notable events that most assuredly helped to make 2017 a turning point in many ways.  

January - A year of developing our staff

In January, many of you browsed our "Jobs" page. More than ever, 2017 was marked by the development of Belnet's staff.

A large number of new positions saw the light of day, and many new employees (14 in total) were taken on in all key sectors of our organisation. Moreover, our offices now have an extra storey. We will keep moving in this direction in 2018. Why not have a look at the jobs that are still vacant at present?

February and March - A theme that has never been more relevant: security

This year, one theme has stood out from the pack: the struggle against cybercrime and subjects focussing on security. In February, we provided you with an awareness pack developed by the Cyber Security Coalition, of which Belnet is a member. Raising awareness remains an important part of the struggle against cybercrime. Please don't hesitate to re-read our article on our web site and to consult this pack.

In March, security was also at the top of our agenda. Our focus on "Distributed Denial of Service" (DDoS) attacks bear witness to a phenomenon that has grown over the last few years. We invite you to find the solution that our teams have developed on our Security services page.

April - Monitoring can be accessed via our portal

Just like in 2016, a large number of you discovered the benefits of our Belnet Portal in 2017. As well as providing a wealth of information, our portal is an essential tool that allows you to check, in particular, the statistics of your network. Have a look at this article, which came out in April, if you have not yet used our portal for monitoring purposes.

May and June - eduroam, govroam and the launch of Belnet guestroam

At the start of summer, the May and June newsletters gave top billing to our roaming services that facilitate mobility for your end users. In addition to eduroam and govroam, Belnet guestroam provides visitors to your organisation with access to govroam and/or eduroam at no extra cost. Please don't hesitate to re-read the article on our govroam service and the one about the launch of Belnet guestroam.

 September - A cut in our Internet Connectivity prices 

At the end of the summer holidays, our article about the cut in prices for our Internet Connectivity service was naturally the most read. These new prices will take effect from the 1st of January. Please take a (fresh) look at our new prices via this link.

October and November - BNC 2018 was a big success

Finally, in October and November, the most-read article was the report about our Belnet Networking Conference. Numbering 140 participants, our annual conference took place at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel this year. These events remain an excellent opportunity to forge partnerships to better meet your expectations and launch innovative projects in 2018.  You can re-read this very popular issue via this link.

December - Our best wishes for 2018

Last month, we invited you to read our annual report for 2016. It is now online on our website. The report includes interviews with our four directors, which you are sure to find of interest. Until our first Newsletter of the New Year comes out, we wish you all the very best for 2018!