News – Take part in the big cyber safety campaign on phishing

Learn how to recognise suspicious messages

The Centre for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB) and the Cyber Security Coalition are launching a big awareness campaign on phishing on 2 October. The campaign will run for the whole month of October and is part of the European cyber security month. Belnet is supporting the campaign and wants to encourage you to take part.

Suspicious messages are becoming more and more difficult to recognise

You have probably already received an e-mail that at first sight appears to have come from your bank and in which you are asked to enter personal data on a website. Or a message from someone informing you that you have won a lottery, on the condition that you provide your bank details. Using this kind of fake e-mails, also called “phishing”, criminals are looking to obtain personal information to be used for malicious purposes.

Some of these messages are so convincing that even hardened Internet users find it difficult to identify them as fake.

For this reason, the phishing awareness campaign, to be launched in October, will focus on the general public. Young or old, experienced or occasional user: the aim is to teach all Internet users how to recognise suspicious messages and tell them what they should do with them.

Support the campaign in your organisation!

The broader the campaign, the stronger we can arm ourselves against phishing. So we would like to encourage you to make people aware of the campaign within your organisation too!

It’s easy to take part. Register at and we will provide you with the campaign material. The material is available in Dutch, French and English. In addition to posters and banners for your website or intranet, there are also film clips that you can share via your social media channels. The main theme throughout the campaign is the online phishing test that you can take at from 2 October.