NEWS – Discover how GÉANT and its partners contribute to scientific research

European research network launches new website:

Did you know that the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, built by the CERN in Geneva, generates 75 petabytes of data every year? Did you also know that this data is analysed by 13,000 scientists all around the world?

The European GÉANT research network and various national research & education networks (NRENs) – including Belnet – form a crucial link in this process. They primarily ensure that scientists from around the world can stay connected to each other and exchange data. By granting researchers access to the fastest networks and state-of-the-art technologies, GÉANT and its partners are contributing to important scientific developments.

Are you curious to see the research this concerns and how GÉANT helps specifically? Then don’t hesitate to visit the brand-new website,, to find numerous examples, illustrated with animations and infographics. The website will be updated with new cases regularly, so be sure to keep an eye on it!