MyBelnet: New monitoring on your portal

View your statistics upon request

You require a clear, efficient tool to evaluate your network’s performance, detect any irregularities, or solve a specific problem. Access to your network statistics is included in your connection to the Belnet network. You can view these statistics at any time to check the capacity of your line or your broadband consumption, which will allow you to anticipate future needs. The IPv4 and IPv6 traffic are permanently monitored. This means it is very simple to analyse your traffic in real-time and detect a problem or attempted abuse of your network.

Currently, this service is accessible in two ways: through a web interface or through your account on the Belnet portal.

We have improved the image quality and interactivity of the graphics on the portal to provide you with an even better user experience. The original web interface,, will soon disappear. Therefore, from now on, we invite you to view your network statistics on our portal: (please make sure that you are logged into beforehand).

If you have questions about the monitoring or access to the portal, please don’t hesitate to contact: