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02/16/2010 - 13:42
Belnet leased line
Discover the advantages
For connectivity to Belnet and the Internet, you need a connection. Belnet can search for the optimum leased line for your organisation. Have a look at the advantages for your organisation.
01/25/2010 - 13:43
A new look for the Belnet site
New site online
A new year, a new beginning; also for our website. Our site had to be renewed and therefore we decided to adapt our website where necessary. Number one priority was the usability of our website. If you have remarks or suggestions about our new website, you can always contact or you can give your opinion here online.
12/16/2009 - 13:44
New Belgian National Internet Exchange
Capacity four and five times faster
From April 2010 BNIX, the Belgian National Internet Exchange, will be able to transport four times more Internet traffic compared to now. The speed of the transport will be five times faster than today. Belnet, which is responsible for the Internet exchange, is thus anticipating the expected increase in Internet usage in Belgium.   BNIX (...
12/04/2009 - 13:44
SCS becomes Digital Certificates Service
New name for SCS
As from January 2010 Belnet will no longer cooperate with the supplier Globalsign. As we are changing to a new supplier, we also modified the name of our service to ‘Digital Certificates Service’. Customers can change their old certificates to new ones via our user-friendly web interface. We strongly recommend our customers to transfer the old...