FOCUS – FileSender

FileSender with a new face-lift

Ever since its inception, FileSender has been a succes with your end-users. This has encouraged us to further expand the possibilities of the service. In the course of June, we will migrate the existing version of FileSender to a new version. We will let you know shortly when exactly this will be.

In the meantime, we will give you an overview of the novelties of this application:

A new interface

With the help of your Belnet R&E Federation logins, you will be able to log in easily on our new FileSender interface. it will even be more user-friendly: you can manage all your (sent) files in a few clicks.

Upload up to 100 files and send up to 200 GB at once

You can upload multiple files with a maximum volume of 200 GB at a time. If necessary, this limit can still be adapted. We are at your service to make FileSender fully meet your needs.

Better control over the files you have sent

Thanks to our new interface, you can easily keep track of the files you have sent. You decide yourself how long the files should remain available for your recipients (maximum 7 days). You will receive a notification as soon as your file has been downloaded. You can also resend your file(s) to multiple recipients or simply delete them.

Send your files to people outside the Belnet R&E Federation

You will be able to send files to people outside the R&E Federation or allow them to send files to you, using the voucher system. In the invitation you send to your contact, there is a link with which he or she can upload files. This way, your contact person can easily send you files or share them with recipients chosen by him/her.

In anticipation of the migration, Belnet is continiously working to adapt the service as well as possible to your needs.

Would you like more information? Do not hesitate to contact our Belnet Service Desk:
Tel.: 02 790 33 00