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Server Certificates

In September’s newsletter, we already provided some information about out service DCS (Digital Certificate Service). The digital certificate is a digital document that allows you to authenticate the owner, be it an organisation, a member of staff, a server or a website, as being a trusted source.

With the Digital Certificates Service, Belnet offers to become your sole certificate administrator for the whole of your organisation, thanks to an interface offering you great flexibility and optimal management. This ensures custom-made security for your organisation's network, e-mails, websites and web applications.

Belnet offers, in collaboration with DigiCert, various certificates to our customers. In the upcoming months, we will look each of the certificates in detail, so that you can clearly understand the benefits of each certificate and distinguish it from the other certificates. This month we emphasize the Server  Certificates.

The Server Certificates allow you to encrypt date that flows over the network. For example, with an Server certificate, you can secure the connection between your website and a user through HTTPS encryption. This way, hackers do not have the opportunity to intercept sensitive data. Belnet customers have the option to choose between different Server certificates, depending on their needs and requirements. Below are the different Server certificates offered by Belnet:

OV & EV?

Finally, we would like to briefly explain the difference between OV and EV. We will do this by the means of an example.
Enfin, nous vous

You: “I want a server certificate for domain name”
DigiCert: “Are you really the rightful owner of”

Organization Validated (OV): manual checks are done. For example: Does this organization really exist?

Extended Validated (EV): OV + more manual checks. For example: is the requestor of the certificate an employee of the organization owning the domain name and does he/she have the authority to do so?

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