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Arm your organisation against DDoS-attacks

With ‘Belnet DDoS Mitigation’ you can automatically protest your organisation against Distributed Denial of Services-attacks (DDoS). With this proactive, fast and reliable solution, you can help secure your business activities

Because DDoS-attacks happen more often and have a big impact, whether you belong to a large or small institution. These attacks saturate your bandwidth with unwanted traffic so that your internet connections become saturated and your internet services and applications (website, VPN, firewall, …) are put out of action.

What does ‘Belnet DDoS Mitigation’ do for your organisation?

Thanks to this service, you possess a strategy for filtering network traffic to reduce the impact of volumetric attacks. In short, a simple and quick solution that can ensure the continuity of your internal and external activities within your organisation. Moreover, you also save the investment in a new security infrastructure.

‘Belnet DDoS Mitigation’ in a few key words:

  • Reliable: The traffic does not leave the Belnet network. So all your data is not accessible to third parties and there is no delay due to rerouting.
  • No restrictions: you will always be protected, regardless of the number of attacks per month, the bandwidth or the duration of the attack.
  • Proactive and automatic protection: The solution reduces the impact of a DDoS attack to the minimum before it reaches your network.

In short, Belnet is your only point of contact and your partner for your internet connections and the security of them.

You can find the details of this service, the different formulas and the prices on the ‘Support’ section of our Belnet portal (

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