FOCUS - Belnet network

Belnet works on its network design

Following the incidents that have occurred in recent years, Belnet has taken and continues to take the necessary measures to simplify its network, to make it easier to understand, more robust and more resilient in an aim to ensure faster recovery and convergence.

Until now, Belnet focused its redesign on increasing capacity in its core with the implementation of 100G cards and reinforced redundancy on the routers that formed its central ring. Emphasis was also placed on better distribution of transit access on the network.

The network redesign continues

Even if part of the work has been done, there are still steps to accomplish in order to ensure the sustainability of the Belnet network. In particular, we must increase the speed of convergence and the distribution of traffic between optical interfaces.

For convergence, rearrangement of the routing is planned in the beginning of 2019. To improve traffic distribution, Belnet is working in close collaboration with the equipment manufacturer responsible in order to obtain a more effective version of the algorithm. This new version should be available at the start of 2019.

Finally, we must facilitate and automate capacity management to be more responsive when we observe that the bandwidth is no longer sufficient. This redesign is currently addressed in a priority project. We will be sure to keep you informed about developments in this area.