Europol launches awareness campaign about cyber scams

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Cyber criminals are constantly looking for ways to earn money at your expense. Individuals and organisations are increasingly falling victim to “social engineering” techniques. This form of cybercrime is focused on gathering confidential information from people and/or making victims perform certain actions. For example, a swindler poses as someone else in order to secure your credit card details or to have you make payments. These ‘scams’ are typical examples of how cyber criminals try to take advantage of people's psychology and perception.

To teach people and organisations how to safeguard themselves against this fraud even better, Europol is launching a large-scale awareness campaign. The campaign consists of infographics and banners on the seven most common financial scams and how you can avoid them. One “scam” will be launched every day from 17 to 23 October.

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All information about the campaign can be found on the Europol website. The official hashtag of the campaign is #CyberScams.