Better inform you in the event of an incident

Belnet puts a dedicated web page at your disposal

To inform you better in case of unavailability of one of our services, is a priority for us.

In the event of a major incident on our network or an interruption of service, it is now possible for you to remain permanently informed via a dedicated web page:

On this page, you can now find information and updates relating to a technical incident having an impact on several Belnet customers. Incidents involving only one organisation will not appear on this page.

The web page is hosted by an external partner from the research and education community and thus remains available even in the event of a break in our network. For practical reasons, the information is published in English.

The status page is a single source of information, accessible to everyone, including your end users.

If you have any questions about this tool or the other tools put in place to inform you in the event of an incident, you can contact the servicedesk by telephone at 02.790.33.00 or by mail: